Doug Kurkul, CEO of AFS
November 14, 2023

Modern Casting magazine has been published by the American Foundry Society since 1938. Each month, you and thousands of other metalcasting leaders receive the award-winning magazine.

Pam Lechner
October 10, 2023

Over the past five years, the College Connection column has covered what FEF students learn in the classroom and the foundry lab, what kinds of projects they design and cast, and how they interact

Shannon Wetzel
October 10, 2023

October brings to mind leaves changing color, pumpkin spice flavored coffee, crisp weather ... and  … manufacturing.

October 10, 2023

The only leader in American history to serve both as Secretary of State and CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, will deliver the keynote address and respond to attendee questions at Metalcasting Congress 20