Columns: 2018

Darren Hunter
July 3, 2018

Under the authority of the Clean Water Act of 1972, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S.

J. Wiczer, R. Eppich, C. Belt, B. Reinke
July 3, 2018

Compressed air leakage is an important opportunity to reduce energy use and improve profit.

Rich Jefferson
July 3, 2018

In the first part of this column published in June, we reviewed two critical communications ideas for metalcasters, brand and reputation. Brand is how you want to image your company to customers.

Doug Kurkul
June 20, 2018

A recent conversation with a taxi driver brought a smile to my face. I was in my former home town, Washington, D.C., for the annual AFS Government Affairs Fly-In in May.