Pam Lechner
May 13, 2020

James Russell is a 2019 graduate of FEF-certified school, Purdue University, with a mechanical engineering technology degree.

Doug Kurkul, CEO of AFS
May 13, 2020

In 2018, a record 1,389 companies announced the return of 145,000 jobs to the United States through reshoring or foreign direct investment. It was not just a one-year anomaly.

Brian Reinke
May 13, 2020

Your monthly electric bill shows how much electricity you use each month, and how much you need to pay them. But what if you need a bit more detail, like how much you use each day or hour?

Shannon Wetzel
April 14, 2020

When this issue arrives in readers’ inboxes, it will be right around the time we should be heading to Cleveland for the 2020 Metalcasting Congress.