Columns: 2017

David Resser
July 5, 2017

From time to time, foundries and foundry suppliers develop inventions for which they seek patent protection.  For metalcasters, this could include a new austempered ductile iron composition, a cast

Brian Reinke
June 13, 2017

In every energy program, we talk about benchmarking. To know how much we could save by optimizing our process, we need to compare our current performance to benchmarks.

Doug Kurkul
June 13, 2017

We were pleased to welcome more than 2,200 people from around North America and beyond to the Metalcasting Congress in Milwaukee this past April, including the 125 students who were in attendance.

Shannon Wetzel
May 18, 2017

Almost every year, the May issue of Modern Casting ranks as one of my favorites.