April 2019

April 2019
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EDITORIAL: Getting It Right the First Time
S. Wetzel
WASHINGTON ALERT: AFS Applauds Introduction of the JOBS Act
SAFE PRACTICE: All You Need to Know About Safety Data Sheets
J. Garesche
MARKETING MIND: Innovation, a European View at CastExpo
R. Jefferson
IN A WORLD WITHOUT CASTINGS: Would You Have Survived The Winter?
CASTING INNOVATIONS: Reclaiming Sand Reduces Foundry’s Sand Cost by 84%
COLLEGE CONNECTION: UAB’s Monroe savors Air Force fellowship
SHAKEOUT: Cast Bison Flank Entrance of Chicago Park
Neenah Swing Frame Wins Casting of the Year: The conversion of the compact utility tractor component from an 11-piece steel weldment to a single ductile iron casting was the result of a collaboration between companies with different backgrounds but common goals.
B. Sandalow
2019 Casting of the Year winners: This year, four new categories were introduced to complement Casting of the Year. They were: Newcomer (Rookie of the Year), Best Example of a Casting Conversion, Achievement in a Small Foundry Business, Best Innovation/Prototype.
Moving Beyond the Limits of Compliance: Even perfect compliance programs will not guarantee zero injuries. A safety culture with individual ownership is also needed.
K. Chapman, A. Orlowski
Small Business, Strong Business: Tonkawa Foundry has been a successful small business through seven decades by sticking to its strengths and staying on top of modern industry trends.
S. Wetzel
Avoiding Coating-Related Defects: Refractory coatings exist to improve casting quality, but when not properly applied, they can cause unwanted characteristics in the final casting.
J. Morrison
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