January 2019

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EDITORIAL: Sounding the Alarm on National Defense
D. Kurkul
WASHINGTON ALERT: AFS Congratulates New Congress, Outlines 2019 Legislative Priorities
SMART ENERGY: Better Energy Efficiency Through Better Recovery
C. Belt, B. Reinke, R. Eppich
SAFE PRACTICE: Control of Hazardous Energy: A Top OSHA Citation
J. Garesche
MARKETING MIND: Winning the Reputation Challenge
R. Jefferson
IN THE COMMUNITY: Eirich actively participates in charitable initiatives by doing food drives, benefits, and other happenings to make its community a better place.
COLLEGE CONNECTION: College Industry Conference Plays Valuable Role in Employment
INDUSTRY FACES: Bye Makes Mark on the Industry
Changing for the Long-Term: The C.A. Lawton Co. completely restructured how the business is run, from shop-floor to office staff, with a view toward longevity and world-class manufacturing.
S. Wetzel
U.S. Casting Sales Reach $33.1 Billion: The U.S. metalcasting industry is expected to see 1.9% growth in 2019 following a very strong 2018.
A Modern Casting Staff Report
Automating the Finishing: Automatic grinding can add multiple benefits, such as efficiency, safety and a wider pool of employees, to a metalcasting operation.
B. Sandalow
Capturing the Casting: Using modern prototyping and its own versatility, Aristo-Cast teamed with Librestream to produce an industrial camera with exacting specifications.
B. Sandalow
2018: The Year in Review: Modern Casting takes a look back at the past 12 months in the metalcasting industry.
A Modern Casting Staff Report
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