College Industry Conference Plays Valuable Role in Employment

One of the highlights of the FEF year is the College Industry Conference (CIC) held in Chicago each November. This conference is the industry’s opportunity to meet over 100 students who are looking for full-time positions or internships in the metalcasting industry. The students represent the 32 universities and colleges in FEF’s network of schools–some of the top engineering programs in North America.

The conference began with the Career Information Session. Thirty-six companies and seven societies were represented during this session. Students had the opportunity to meet the industry representatives and learn about the variety of full-time jobs and internships that are available with those companies. Many times, the students come away from this session with a new perspective of the broad possibilities within the metalcasting industry. And the companies come away with a list of highly qualified individuals that they may end up hiring within the next six to nine months.

On the second day of the conference, speakers Sara Joyce (Badger Mining) and Clint Hess (Adalet and FEF alumnus of Kent State) shared their career journeys–highs and lows–with the students. This session was followed by the Annual Awards Luncheon. Twenty-seven students received over $60,000 in scholarships available to only those students selected to attend the CIC.

Also during the luncheon, the FEF/AFS Distinguished Professor Award was presented to Russ Rosmait, who has been the FEF Key Professor at Pittsburg State (Pittsburg, Kansas) since 1987. And the E.J. Walsh Award, which is FEF’s highest industry leadership award, was presented to Wil Tinker, President of Tinker Omega Sinto LLC. Tinker is an FEF alumnus of Kent State and has served on the FEF Board for many years including FEF Board President in 2016.

“The College Industry Conference is one of those events that should be on every metalcasting company’s calendar,” FEF said in a news release. “Not only will you be able to meet and interview students who want to join your company and make a difference, you will also reconnect with many of your industry peers. Mark your calendar now for the 2019 CIC: Nov. 21-22 in Chicago.”

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