June 2020

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EDITORIAL: Shining a Light on the Importance of Metalcasting
S. Wetzel
SMART ENERGY: Vein of Gold
B. Reinke
WASHINGTON ALERT: OSHA Revises Requirements for How to Record COVID-19 Cases
S. Salmon
COLLEGE CONNECTION: When Campuses Are Suddenly Closed for Business
P. Lechner
Metalcasting Supply Chain Responds: The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the global supply chain; the casting industry’s efforts to provide relief start locally.
S. Wetzel
COVID-19 Factors Accelerating Reshoring: Companies are rethinking and shifting their supply chains.
H. Moser
Reshoring Opportunities for Metalcasters: Metalcasters can leverage total cost to convince buyers to source their castings domestically.
R. Jefferson
Foundries' Economic Impact: The U.S. metalcasting industry has a total national economic impact of $110.52 billion, including foundries and their suppliers.
Modern Casting Staff
Quantifying Casting Quality Through Filling Conditions: Bifilm theory asserts turbulent filling conditions lead to porosity and reduced casting quality; an experiment tested the theory with unanticipated results.
Laying Groundwork for High Speed Sand Printing: The next generation of printing materials will be required to balance quality and speed all while trying to reach higher production rates
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