July 2013

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Metalcaster of the Year: Safety is a Culture: NIBCO cultivates a safety-oriented mindset among all of its associates. The result significantly improved performance and a safety program to admire.
D. Kapel
Cannon Goes Light With Steel Alloy: Steel’s high yield strength and tolerance of deflection without damage helped keep the weight low in a 15-piece fabrication to casting conversion.
G. Burrow
Collaboration Across the Supply Chain: Teamwork ensured the success of an investment cast military part.
B. Steffen
Updating Lab Testing for Nobake Molds: The development of a new thermal distortion tester for nobake processes could provide additional information on variations in the mold.
A. Oman, S. Ramrattan, M. Keil
Testing 1-2-3: Revealing Local Mechanical Properties in CGI: Fine-tuning prediction models to account for variations in microstructure could help unlock the full potential of cast materials.
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