September 2021

September Issue
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EDITORIAL: The Worker Shortage: What's Working and What's Not
D. Kurkul
WASHINGTON ALERT: Congress Considers Border Tax Proposal
S. Salmon
COLLEGE CONNECTION: 'Giving’ Coin Pays Off in Student Experience, FEF Payback
P. Lechner
Beauty at Your Feet: Meet the Pacific Northwest company that specializes in delighting the public with aesthetic experiences where they’re least expected. Creators of ornamental drain grates and more, Iron Age Designs has poured a foundation in partnerships cultivated through its AFS membership.
K. Phelan
The Value of Scrap, Rework and Yield at Steel Foundries: A cost estimator tool helps quantify the potential savings from projects that reduce the cost of poor quality and process inefficiencies.
R. Stevenson, D. Coyle, and G. Richard
Rebuilding and Reshoring: Proposing a Goal for U.S. Manufacturing Success: Focusing on importing less could pay higher dividends for the long-term health of U.S. manufacturing than trying to export more, but it will require collaboration along the supply chain and with trade allies.
H. Moser
Choosing the Right Furnace for Your Operation: Melting furnaces are employed to produce and maintain the requisite molten temperatures over a prolonged period of time, and several factors should be considered when choosing a type of furnace to equip your aluminum plant.
R. Gallo
Thin-Walled Ductile Iron With Lost Foam and Nobake Casting: A proof of concept project for the U.S. Department of Energy indicates the feasibility of casting ductile iron parts with walls as thin as 1 mm.
S. Jordan, M. DeBruin, E. Cinkilic, and A. Luo
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