October 2015

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Talladega Pattern's Plunge Into Automation: A small green sand nonferrous job shop answered the pull of customer demand with its first automatic molding line and sand system.
S. Wetzel
Fall River Foundry Packs One-Two Punch: The brass caster wanted to add a second automated pouring line but first needed to improve its sand system. Now, after a two-year, $4-million investment, the facility has revamped its sand and molding operations.
N. Leider
Material Handling: Go With Flow: Every metalcasting facility is unique, but a department-by-department examination may highlight ways to improve operations and reduce costs.
Modern Casting Staff
Flexibility and Automation in Small Metalcasting Facilities: Two case studies illustrate how automation can be implemented in a small metalcasting facility in order to react to today's global manufacturing demands for quickly delivered customized parts.
R. Wadhwa
Testing 1-2-3: New As-Cast Ductile Iron Raises Bar for Properties: Researchers are developing ductile iron that features properties similar to ADI without heat treatment.
S. Mendez, U. De la Torre, P. Larranaga, R. Suarez, D. Stefanescu
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