May 2024

MC May 2024
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Terms & Conditions: The Tiny Little Print with Great Big Power: Understand what customers have put in writing and be sure to review your own terms and conditions once a year.
K. Phelan
Metalcasting Congress Brews a Memorable Week in Milwaukee: The only bitter in the glass was seeing the 2024 industry extravaganza come to and end.
Staff Report
The New CMMC Proposed Rule: What Manufacturers Need to Know Now: MxD's Cyber Team shares insights on what's new and noteworthy.
Small, In-line Passenger Vehicle Engines: Cast Iron with the Same Weight as Alu…: To demonstrate the potential benefits of CGI for small, in-line spark ignition engines, researchers converted the cylinder block of a series production 1.2 liter, three-cylinder engine from aluminum to compaction graphite iron.
Multiple Authors
EDITORIAL: An Agenda We Can All Get Behind
D. Kurkul
WASHINGTON ALERT: Brace for Coming Cyber Reporting Rule
J. Hannapel
COLLEGE CONNECTION: Cherry-Picking Your Next Talent
P. Lechner
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