July 2021

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EDITORIAL: Introducing Our Modern Casting Team
D. Kurkul
WASHINGTON ALERT: OSHA Launches Regional Inspection Program
S. Salmon
FOR THE CEO: Do You Know Your Numbers?
B. Silhacek and M. Wise
COLLEGE CONNECTION: Fostering a Love for Foundries and Lifelong Careers
P. Lechner
Midwest Revival: With tactical ingenuity, Wellman Dynamics has flipped business blows into a powerful resurgence comprised of facility upgrades, skilled people and new contracts.
K. Phelan
AFS Leads Push on Key Industry Priorities in Congress: The workforce shortage and a call for passage of infrastructure legislation are top-of-mind for metalcasters.
S. Salmon
Evaluating Foundry Molding Emission Reduction Through a Slurry: Foundry trials explored the use of a slurry made from two plants’ dust collection in green sand molds to lower HAPs and carbon monoxide.
R. Steele, S. Böhnke, P. LaFay, and V. LaFay
Improving Corrosion Resistance on Surface-Alloyed Butterfly Valves: A recent study explored how to improve cast surface-alloying to impart high local wear and corrosion resistance to less expensive, common industrial materials.
K. Rane, M. Beining, S. Behera, A. Kordijazi, A. Kumar, and P. Rohatgi
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