February 2021

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EDITORIAL: Let It Go: How Open Are You to Change?
S. Wetzel
WASHINGTON ALERT: Biden Orders OSHA to Issue New COVID-19 Guidance & Potential Emergency Standard
S. Salmon
COLLEGE CONNECTION: Students Compete to Create the Best Bowie Knife
P. Lechner
AFS HISTORY: The Casting Congress: To Teach and to Learn
Losing Your Breath With Bronze: A high-end hi-fi entrepreneur embarked on a 10-year design, casting and manufacturing expedition to achieve a new pinnacle of music enjoyment.
K. Phelan
Becoming More Sustainable: Three case studies show how foundries reduced their consumption and environmental footprint.
S. Wetzel
Supply Chain Snapshot: Belshaw Adamatic: The manufacturer of donut-making equipment relies on North American foundries to keep the baked goods coming.
S. Wetzel
Investigating Component Distortion in Metal Molds: Work to improve permanent mold casting quality includes setting up experiments to learn more about distortion and hot crack formation.
N. Wolff, U. Vroomen, and A. B├╝hrig-Polaczek
Metalcasting Congress Going Virtual: The ongoing pandemic may keep the industry apart physically, but AFS is connecting the supply chain virtually by moving Metalcasting Congress online this year.
S. Wetzel
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