April 2022

April 2022 Cover
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EDITORIAL: See What You Can Do
S. Wetzel
WASHINGTON ALERT: Biden Administration Strengthens Buy American Requirements
S. Salmon
BY THE LAW: Practical Strategies in Response to Tight Labor Market
T. Comden
COLLEGE CONNECTION: Research ... Another Learning Tool
P. Lechner
Casting of the Year: Waupaca's Collaboration on a Backhoe Bucket: Two Waupaca Foundry plants worked together to deliver a casting conversion for a compact utility tractor that shored up the supply chain for customer Amerequip.
S. Wetzel
Make Your Machines Talk to You: How the general manager of a small foundry achieved a DIY, internet-of-things ‘plumbing’ feat to get real-time systems visibility ... all on an eBay budget.
K. Phelan
The Relation Between Porosity Level and Radiographic Quality in A356 Castings: Most commercial modeling software predicts the distribution of porosity, a material property which is rarely specified in the industry. Translating this porosity into a radiographic quality is consequently of great practical importance.
F. Chiesa, J. Rousseau, and D. Levasseur
6 Steps to an Optimized Aerospace Casting: A hypothetical aircraft part illustrates the substantial weight- and cost-saving opportunity through topological optimization.
T. Mueller
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