March 2018

The March 2018 issue of Modern Casting features an article on how to cast uncommon aluminum alloys, and also previews the upcoming Metalcasting Congress.
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Editorial: Taking Action
Shannon Wetzel, Managing Editor
Smart Energy: Low-Cost Energy Saving Improvements in Metalcasting
Cindy Belt
Novel Solutions: Disrupted: Is It Office Space, or Grumpy Old Man?
Richard Jefferson
Survey of U.S. Casting Production: U.S. Metalcasting at a Glance: We break down the U.S. metalcasting industry by metal, process, state, and value-added services.
A Modern Casting Staff Report
Casting Uncommon Aluminum Alloys: The techniques used to cast difficult alloys also can be used to improve casting quality in standard alloys.
David Weiss
Garden Party: Regardless of what you’re growing, a casting helps your garden thrive.
A Modern Casting Staff Report
Texas to Host Metalcasting Congress: People from all sectors of the metalcasting supply chain will be traveling to Fort Worth, Texas, next month for information on the latest trends of the industry.
A Modern Casting Staff Report
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