January 2023

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Polishing a Diamond in the Rough: With an energetic young leader at the helm, job shop foundry Aluminum Alloys Inc. has seen a significant reversal of trends and is recording its largest revenue
growth in years.
S. Wetzel
Cyber Threat--The War You Can't Ignore: Cyber crooks can shut down your entire business, wreaking havoc on your ability to make and deliver castings. On top of that, failure to comply with national
cybersecurity standards could very soon keep you out of military and mainstream manufacturing contracts.
K. Phelan
Industry Outlook: Strong Sales Expected: While most foundries expect a recession in 2023, steady orders and full order books leads to optimism for continued growth remains strong.
Modern Casting Staff
Automated LOI Test: LOI is an important measure of non-active combustibles within the sand system, and a new automated inline technology for LOI testing and control can monitor real-time properties of sand to avoid casting defects.
S. Ramrattan and N. Kishi
A New Process of Melting and Casting Aluminum Steels: Aluminum-alloyed steels exhibit lightweight high strength but melting aluminum and steel in one furnace historically has led to large amounts of dross formation. A recent study developed a new method to melt aluminum-steel alloys that avoids slag buildup and dross inclusions.
D. Li and M. Qayyam
EDITORIAL: The Year Ahead: More Investment in North American Foundries
D. Kurkul
Washington Alert: New Greenhouse Gas Emissions Proposed Rule for Federal Contractors
S. Salmon
College Connection: 2022 CIC: Behind the Scenes
P. Lechner
Member Q&A: An Opportunity to Give Back Time, Leadership, and Guidance
A. San Solo
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