February 2015

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Washington Alert: Risk Assessment on Spent Sand Released
Safe Practice: OSHA's Heightened Focus on Temporary Employees
CEO Journal: Getting Full Value From Planning
Novel Solutions: Finding Focus Despite Distractions
D&L Foundry Goes Big: An additional facility on its site in Washington state brings new business in large castings.
D. Kapel
Castings on Stunning Display: Christie uses dozens of cast components in its numerous lines of high-definition projectors found in movie theaters, boardrooms and public displays around the world.
N. Leider
Controlling Pouring Through Automation: While still not widely adapted, autopouring can improve process control for higher quality castings and lower energy consumption, and the need for it is growing in high production and job shop facilities.
S. Wetzel
Casting Conversion Simplifies Ventilation Hub: Pier Foundry converted a complex 34-piece weldment to a single ductile iron casting that saved its mining customer time and money.
N. Leider
Maximizing Power Utilization: The ideal induction melting system pours the most metal at the lowest level of kilowatt demand.
M. Nutt
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