March 2021

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EDITORIAL: Staying Committed to the Young People in Our Industry
D. Kurkul
WASHINGTON ALERT: AFS Supports Strengthening Buy American
S. Salmon
COLLEGE CONNECTION: Foundry Days Give Hands-On Experience to MS&T Students
P. Lechner
AFS HISTORY: Establishing Safer, More Sustainable Foundries
Successful Castings Hinge on Careful Customer Contract Review: If you define casting success as meeting all your customer’s requirements while adhering to your original quote, then pay close attention to the critical process of reviewing the customer order.
K. Phelan
New Test Bar for Permanent Mold Casting Developed: An AFS research project updated the standard permanent mold test bar design for better representation of clean metal’s highest mechanical properties.
D. Neff and G. Sigworth
Modeling and Simulation of AlSi- and AlCu-based Alloys: In this award-winning work, a model to predict the distribution of mechanical properties in popular aluminum alloys was developed.
A. Catalina, L. Xue, C. Monroe, R. Foley, and J. Griffin
Metalcasting Congress 2021 Comes to You: The annual event goes virtual this year, but still offers industry the chance to see what’s new in technology, management and research.
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