May 2020

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Editorial: Reshoring Movement Should Get a Shot in the Arm
Doug Kurkul
Marketing Mind: Tell Customers Who You Are in the Casting Source Directory
Rich Jefferson
Smart Energy: Interval Data: When You Need to Know More
Brian Reinke
College Connection: Recent Grad Discusses Career Path to Metalcasting
Pam Lechner
Castings of the Year: Two castings exhibited the strengths of the casting industry in different ways to be named winners of this year’s AFS Casting Competition.
Shannon Wetzel
COVID-19: Reopening Businesses After the Stay-at-Home Order: Returning to normal business operation will require special preparation. Plus: What metalcasters are doing to join the fight against the coronavirus.
A Modern Casting Staff Report
Industry Leaders Honored With Awards: Many members of the metalcasting community have contributed greatly to the industry, and their efforts are recognized here.
A Modern Casting Staff Report
Tech Paper Roundup: Four papers, originally slated to be presented at the 2020 Metalcasting Congress, are shared here and contain research and development discussion on diverse topics.
A Modern Casting Staff Report
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