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Tell Customers Who You Are in the Casting Source Directory

Rich Jefferson

“What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.” ­—Captain, Road Prison 36, Cool Hand Luke

A “failure to communicate” is not just a memorable phrase from a famous 1967 movie with Paul Newman. Successful business communication can be the difference between surviving and thriving or surviving and perishing. 

There are moments in business that require more attention to communication. That would be now. 

Many analysts contend these disruptive business trends were trending before the COVID-19 lockdown. That included relocating supply chains that have been in China. The virus only accelerated the trend (preferably many supply chains will relocate in the U.S., or at least North America).  

Mark Mobius, founder of Mobius Capital Partners, told CNBC, “A lot of buyers and a lot of the people depending on the supply chain in China are now having second thoughts, and are beginning to diversify their supply chain as much as possible to be closer to home.” 

That makes it sound easy. In early March, before the lockdown, the Wall Street Journal trumpeted, “Companies That Got Out of China Before Coronavirus Are Still Tangled in Its Supply Chains,” with the drop head, “The epidemic has laid bare a central problem for manufacturers: China’s tight grip on supply networks.” 

North American foundries can be looking for ways to take advantage of this complicated situation. How many times have we heard some variation of “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste?” COVID-19 is the crisis. But how to take advantage of it? AFS contributed to foundries being classed as essential businesses, but that is not at all the same thing as letting the world know you’re open for business. It’s necessary to remind existing customers you must retain, as well as qualified leads you are hotly pursuing, that you are open for business. Even better, tell them exactly what you do and why you do it so very well. In sales, clear, precise communication saves everyone time, and your customers will appreciate that. 

AFS offers significant support to its Corporate Member companies. AFS partners with the Reshoring Initiative (www.reshorenow.org),  which is an essential part for relocating metalcasting supply chains for buyers and sellers to North America. We recommend the advantages of working with casting buyers to bring the work back home. 

However, there is an immediate opportunity every AFS Corporate Member foundry should consider right now: The Casting Source Directory, online and in print. If you’re not an AFS Corporate Member, this is just one of the value-added benefits of joining.

An AFS Corporate Member has two ways to participate in the benefits of the Casting Source Directory. We encourage all members to revisit their profiles in the directory to ensure all information communicates clearly to customers seeking a foundry supplier. There is also the excellent option of enhancing your company profile with a high-profile advertisement. The directory is promoted year-round, with a particular focus on the audience of designers and buyers who read AFS’s supply chain magazine, Casting Source. 

Tell customers who you are, and why you should produce their castings. The deadline for the Casting Source Directory is June 5! Act now. 
David Kathe can tell you how to participate in the Casting Source Directory: dkathe@afsinc.org.    

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