January 2024

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High-Tech Upgrades in Higher Education: ‘Modern Casting’ gives an A+ to five FEF schools that are making big facility and equipment investments to better prepare students for the ‘smart’ world of metalcasting.
K. Phelan
Theoretical and Practical Aspects of the Modification of Al-Si Alloys: Several methods have been used to modify aluminum-silicon (Al-Si) casting alloys,
and some are no longer used.
G. Sigworth
Advancements in Software Tools in the Digital Manufacturing Era : An overview of the tools and technologies that have evolved remarkably, equipping today’s foundry for Industry 4.0 quality, efficiency, and profitability.
J. Shah
Editorial: Reflecting on 2023 and Previewing the Year Ahead
D. Kurkul
Washington Alert: What U.S. Metalcasters Need to Know About New Regulations Going into 2024
S. Salmon
College Connection: College Industry Conference Brings Students, Grads Face to Face with Foundries
P. Lechner
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