February 2020

February 2020
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EDITORIAL: Connecting the Dots in Technology
S. Wetzel
WASHINGTON ALERT: U.S. and China Sign Phase One Trade Deal
S. Salmon
SMART ENERGY: Onsite Power Generation
B. Reinke
COLLEGE CONNECTION: Texas State Students Cast School Logo
P. Lechner
IN A WORLD WITHOUT CASTINGS: Castings Will See You at the Dentist
SHAKEOUT: Pink House Comes With Cast Highlights
What Will the Rise of Electric Vehicles Mean for Metalcasters?: This article offers a look at some possible influences of the electric vehicle platform on metalcasting in the coming years, including the forces pushing the world toward EVs and away from internal combustion engines, and issues that must be resolved as industry prods consumers to embrace EVs.
R. Jefferson
Hiring Still a Challenge: Metalcasters have two choices when it comes to staffing: adapt, or move forward with potentially key spots left open.
B. Sandalow
Marijuana and Workplace Drug Testing: The marijuana legalization movement has grown, and some states now not only permit medical marijuana but also recreational marijuana. What does this mean for metalcasters’ drug policies?
N. Delogu
Solving Defects in Permanent Mold: Understanding the causes of common defects occurring in permanent mold castings helps metalcasters find best practices to avoid them.
A Modern Casting and AFS Institute Staff Report
Keeping Your Dock Safe: This article, the first of a two-part series on warehouse safety, summarizes many of the OSHA requirements that apply to dock areas, and how to make those spots in a facility safer.
J. Garesche
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