October 2013

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Lead Free in the "Live Free" State: Watts Water Technologies built a new U.S. facility to bring lead-free production back from China.
D. Kapel
VIDEO RESOURCE: Tour the New Lead-Free Plant
Laying Track for Growth: A booming producer of cast railway track looked for a way to engineer an expansion while using as much of its existing space and equipment as possible.
K. Eman
Evaluating Equipment Performance: Track key determining factors in the decision to refurbish or upgrade machinery.
J. Craig
Keys to Success in Semi-Permanent Mold Casting: Sand cores in permanent mold aluminum castings create challenges that call for experience, persistence and creativity.
B. Braun, R. Oehrlein and D. Weiss
ONLINE RESOURCE: Full Technical Article
Aluminum's Dynamic Capabilities: A mammoth project for the University of Wisconsin from a nearby metalcasting facility aids research into the nature of the universe.
N. Leider
VIDEO RESOURCE: Installation of the UW-Madison Dynamo
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