October 2012

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Grede's Growth: Radford Plant Is Company's Latest Acquisition: Grede expects to nearly double the workforce at the long-established Virginia ductile iron plant as part of its ongoing growth strategy.
S. Gibbs
Determining Your Binder Work Time: A common nobake binder work time testing procedure may not be as accurate as you think.
G. Sturtz and J. Szabo
Adapting to Inorganic Core Sand Binders: Converting to inorganic binders may require machining changes in metalcasting facilities.
R. Wintgens
Help Wanted: Recruiting & Retaining Qualified Workers: Metalcasters need to better sell themselves to their community to gain and keep good, skilled employees.
J. Knuerr
The Antimicrobial Metal: Research presented at the 116th Metalcasting Congress assessed copper's antimicrobial benefits.
D. Kapel
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