May 2017

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Editorial: The Industry Wins
S. Wetzel
Washington Alert: Executive Order Promoting "Buy American, Hire American" Signed
S. Salmon, J. Hannapel and C. Richter
Novel Solutions: In 60 Seconds...
B. Sandalow
Casting of the Year: Aerospace Seatback Frame by Aristo-Cast: The lattice-like design removes unnecessary material while meeting load requirements for a lightweight seat frame that could save the aircraft industry millions.
S. Wetzel
Midland's Mix: The copper-base and aluminum sand casting facility balances branded product lines with jobbing work to keep the business healthy and stable.
S. Wetzel
Metalcasting Congress Gathers the Supply Chain to Milwaukee: Attendees from suppliers, metalcasters and end-users convened in Wisconsin for the industry's biggest annual event.
A Modern Casting Staff Report
The Future of Metalcasting Through New Ideas and Innovation: A sampling of presentations from the AFS Metalcasting Congress in Milwaukee focuses on ways to move the industry forward into a new period of prosperity.
A Modern Casting Staff Report
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