January 2014

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Growth Across the Board: U.S. casting sales are forecast to grow in every category of metals, topping $37 billion in 2016.
A MODERN CASTING staff report
O'Fallon Casting's Decade of Growth: In its 10 years as O'Fallon Casting, the investment caster's annual sales have grown from $10 million to $25 million.
S. Wetzel
Cast Iron Machinability: The effect of aging on material properties determines the optimal machining time.
S. Lekakh and V. Richards
Better Than Hit or Miss: Testing and training improve visual inspection of casting surfaces.
F. Peters, R. Stone, K. Watts, P. Zhong and A. Clemons
Testing 1-2-3: Investigating the Machinability of Aluminum-Silicon Cast Alloys: A series of drilling tests highlights how microstructural difference can affect machinability and tool wear.
A MODERN casting staff report
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