February 2019

February 2019
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EDITORIAL: The Generation After Millennials
S. Wetzel
WASHINGTON ALERT: OSHA Publishes Silica FAQs for General Industry
BY THE LAW: Casting an Eye Toward Chinese Manufacturing Ambitions
D. Resser
SAFE PRACTICE: Preserving the Precious Gift of Sight
T. Schorn
MARKETING MIND: Innovative Training for Industry Innovation
R. Jefferson
COLLEGE CONNECTION: FEF Celebrates Giving Tuesday
Flexibility in the Workforce: Allowing staff more freedom in their hours can bring a happier workforce and help recruiting, as long as all work gets done.
B. Sandalow
Using Silica Exposure Sampling Results in a Control Program: A statistical method identified by NIOSH and discussed in AFS’ “Air Contaminants in Metalcasting, Evaluation and Exposure Control” provides a valuable tool in evaluating compliance data and generating actionable interpretation of it.
B. Lemley
Nadcap and the Foundry Industry: Even foundries who do not consider themselves aerospace should be aware that Nadcap is developing a casting accreditation program.
S. Jordan
Modeling the Inspection Task: The decision to use humans as inspectors needs to be deliberate, and employers should plan for their capabilities, capacities and limitations.
T. Schorn
Office Castings: Businesses need to function at least five days per week. Castings are found all over a standard workplace setting, allowing tasks to be completed.
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