December 2018

December 2018
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EDITORIAL: Four Trends to Watch in 2019
D. Kurkul
WASHINGTON ALERT: AFS Submits Comments on EPA’s Affordable Clean Energy Proposal
BY THE LAW: Brush up on Marijuana Laws and Policy
D. Resser
SAFE PRACTICE: OSHA Takes New Approach to Safety Incentives
D. Hunter
MARKETING MIND: Something Old, Something New
R. Jefferson
COLLEGE CONNECTION: Metalcasting journey for UWM student includes impactful internship
Faircast’s Fresh Start: Bought out of foreclosure, three crucial months helped Faircast survive after its future looked bleak.
B. Sandalow
Census of World Casting Production: Global Casting Production Expands: Worldwide casting production grew by 5.3% during a busy 2017.
A Modern Casting Staff Report
Study Measures Potential Exposures From Sweepers: Results of the research project demonstrate the use of well-maintained powered industrial sweepers configured with HEPA filtration most likely do not contribute to exposure.
T. Slavin
Excellence in Going Green: Companies share how their sustainability projects led to environmental improvements. The ideas that were implemented also helped businesses save costs.
A Modern Casting Staff Report
Designing Cores With Virtual Design of Experiments: Virtual design of experiments and coremaking simulation can help establish cost-effective production parameters that can be applied to other casting jobs within a foundry.
M. Blandino, I. Wagner, J. Sturm
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