April 2021

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EDITORIAL: Past, Present and Future
S. Wetzel
WASHINGTON ALERT: Permanent Tax Relief for Passthrough Entities Introduced
S. Salmon
COLLEGE CONNECTION: From Intern to Hired: Rachel Guthrie, Materials Science and Engineering, Class of 2018
P. Lechner
FOR THE CEO: Are You Maintaining Prices and Margins Relative to Costs?
B. Silhacek and M. Wise
Foundry-Retail Relationship Works Out: A Michigan foundry stepped in to solve an urgent reshoring need for store-branded fitness products, creating a new, compact supply chain that quickly met customer demand while supporting a Midwest retailer’s Made in America mission.
K. Phelan
Buck Company: Becoming a Foundry for the Future: Investments in upgraded casting equipment, revamped maintenance, and safety and environment protections, combined with a team approach designed to promote employee engagement and trust have transformed the ferrous and nonferrous jobbing foundry.
S. Wetzel
A Practical Implementation of Industry 4.0 in Foundries: A practical case study of how Dotson Iron Castings and Neenah Foundry implemented real-time data collection to visualize and optimize their processes in order to increase their overall equipment efficiency and reduce operating costs.
J. Wenson, E. Nelson, and L. Medina Balliet
Cast Magnesium Foam for Energy Absorption and Bone Regrowth : Low-cost cast magnesium foam could open new markets in biomedical applications as well as transportation systems.
H. Ullberg, K. Rane, A. Kordijazi, and P. Rohatgi
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