September 2015

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CPP's Business Upgrade: Bankrupt less than a decade ago, the CPP-Minneapolis aluminum casting facility has developed into its parent company's flagship operation thanks to renewed investment and business discipline.
N. Leider
Emission Reduction Possibilities With Structural Castings: Magna International and Ford Motor Co.'s multi-material lightweight vehicle embodies the full possibilities of weight reduction using lighter materials and the metalcasting process.
S. Wetzel
Implementing an ERP & Making It Work: A ferrous casting facility shares its successes and obstacles in establishing an ERP within its operation.
J. Okhuysen Valle
Dynamic Testing of Green Sand: Can metalcasters better monitor sand properties by adopting newly developed testing methods?
S. Ramrattan, M. Khoshgoftar and H. Makino
Dalton Foundry Uses Technology to Benefit Customer: The gray iron casting facility utilized new technology for stress analysis and mold-making to solve a customer's quality and lead-time issues.
S. Wetzel
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