September 2013

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Editorial: Move Over, YouTube
A.T. Spada
Zealous Shifts Gears to Focus On Aluminum: The South African diecaster invested $6 million in its facilities, and it paid off with increased orders from automotive OEMs.
Modern Casting Staff and B. Crawford
ONLINE RESOURCE: Zealous Metalcasting Facility Slideshow
Digital Casting Management: Software enhances operations and allows critical shop-floor data to be shared between production zones and management.
D. Kapel
Comparing Green Sand Filling Technology Using a Quick Technique: Researchers at Western Michigan University used a modified cone jolt test to compare gravity and aeration sand filling techniques.
S. Ramrattan, A. Khoshgoftar, H. Makino, M. Hirata, S. Takasu and H. Miyazaki
Keys to Success in Semi-Permanent Mold Casting: Sand cores in permanent mold aluminum castings create challenges that call for experience, persistence and creativity.
B. Braun, R. Oehrlein and D. Weiss
Proving Process Control With PPAP: A growing number of customers require their metalcasting suppliers to adhere to a production part approval process.
S. Wetzel
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