November 2016

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Editorial: Finding the Fun
S. Wetzel
Washington Alert: Court Blocks New Federal Contracting Rules
By The Law: Protecting Against Counterfeiting
D. Resser
Novel Solutions: Leading Where?
B. Sandalow
Understanding Limitations and the Power of Knowledge: Advanced casting technology coupled with efficient and effective design gives the metalcasting industry a bright future.
R. Gundlach
Benchmarking Aluminum Melt Treatment: Recent surveys developed and distributed by the AFS Aluminum Division sheds light on trends and methods of grain refinement and eutectic modification in practice at aluminum casting facilities.
AFS Aluminum Division
Castings Handle The Brrrrr: Cast components help life go on from work to play, despite the cold and snow.
A Modern Casting Staff Report
Editorial Index: We've compiled the past year's feature articles from MODERN CASTING
and Metal Casting Design and Purchasing.
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