June 2022

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Editorial: An Exciting Era for Metalcasting
S. Wetzel
Washington Alert: Environmental Priorities of the Biden Administration Shape the Future Regulatory Landscape for the Industry
J. Hannapel
Member Q&A: Committee Involvement Means Making an Impact on Safety
S. Wetzel
By the Law: An Employer's Top 10 List for Staying Out of Court, Part 1
T. Comden
Hoyt Column: Lesson #2: Developing a Culture of Continuous Improvement
J. Bye
College Connection: A Student's Story: My Winding Path to the Foundry
S. Thornton
Kimura Foundry Creates Its Niche: A greenfield foundry launched in 2019 uses an innovative closed loop system that includes 3D printing, a proprietary artificial sand, and complete reclamation.
S. Wetzel
Foundry Energy Moves to the Front Burner: Get ready: The Biden administration’s heavy focus on decarbonization (aka carbon neutrality) will impact metalcasting’s energy usage, both in volume and source. All efforts to reduce consumption now will help foundries fare better under any future climate change-related regulations.
K. Phelan
Dimensional Tolerances of 3D Printed Sand Cored Iron Castings: An AFS research study explored quantifying tolerances with 3D sand printed cores to start the process of being added to the ISO8062 standard.
T. Nooyen and J. Shah
Gray Iron Aging Effects by NDT and Visible Microstructure: Research has correlated changes in ultrasonic velocity with natural aging to quantified metallography and other properties as an explanation for gray iron aging responses.
J. Cree
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