February 2022

February cover
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EDITORIAL: Celebrating the Milestones
S. Wetzel
WASHINGTON ALERT: OSHA Releases Semi-Annual Regulatory Agenda
COLLEGE CONNECTION: FEF Is Celebrating 75 Years
P. Lechner
Daring to Listen: Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry is creating a transparent culture where people are heard, valued, and liberally rewarded—thus fueling this growing company’s powerfully performing engine.
K. Phelan
Who's Ready for a Copper-Covered World: Invigorated by new EPA approvals about copper’s COVID-killing and broad antimicrobial properties, experts urge the spread of copper products to halt the spread of illness.
K. Phelan
Ductile Iron Front-End Ultrasonic Nodularity Determination Using Standard Coupo…: An innovative testing method has proven to be a viable and reliable tool of very low gage variation for the real-time process control of ductile iron nodularity.
J. Cree, M. Robles Jr., A. Hoover, N. Thornberry, and S. Beckley
Hot Tearing Susceptibility of Al-Zn Alloy: A recent study found that introducing small amounts of iron promotes evolution of eutectic phases and could alleviate the hot tearing problem of Al-Zn alloys.
A. Aguiar, S. Shankar, and K. Sadayappan
MEMBER Q&A: A Catalyst for Growth: Jean Bye
Modern Casting Staff
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