December 2016

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Editorial: Time To Boost Economic Growth
D. Kurkul
Washington Alert: Joint Opening Brief Filed on OSHA Silica Rulemaking
PdM Tips: Lubrication, Condition Monitoring, and Diagnostics of Conveyor Bearings
A. Gambsky
Busche Builds Its Platform: Busche Performance Group, seeking to become a competitive Tier-1 automotive supplier, acquired an aluminum casting operation as its first order of business.
S. Wetzel
Global Casting Production Stagnant: Worldwide casting production grew by half a percent in 2015, making it three years in a row where annual growth was less than 4%.
A Modern Casting Staff Report
Updating the Silica Litigation: The battle against the new silica rules is an ongoing process, and the recent Presidential election could be a turning point for the metalcasting industry.
A Modern Casting Staff Report
What to Know About the Silica Standard: If enforced, the new silica standard will challenge the metalcasting industry. Compliance will be important for facilities around the country.
K. Rowntree
Rising to the Challenge: Ductile iron pipe is able to withstand the test of time while being a viable choice for environmental and efficiency reasons.
B. Sandalow
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