December 2015

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Lodge's Recipe for Growth: With sales doubling in the last six years, Lodge Manufacturing Co. is rising to the challenge of fulfilling customer cravings for cast iron cookware, starting with the addition of a new molding line, melting area and sand system.
S. Wetzel
49th Census of World Casting Production: Global casting production continued its upward trend in 2014, growing by 2.4 million metric tons, a 2.3% increase compared to the previous year's total.
MC Staff Report
OSHA Plans Release of Final Silica Rule in 2016: Congressional intervention to negate the rule likely will be vetoed by the President.
MC Staff Report
Bionic Castings: Metals and various casting processes are crucial to important medical developments that have been perceived as miraculous - saving not just lives but also quality of life.
MC Staff Report
Comparing Sand Additives in Steel Castings: Metals Adjustments in additives and binders can lead to significant differences in mold properties and quality in steel castings.
R. Showman & E. Scheller
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