April 2023

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Wisconsin Precision Invested in Growth: With open capacity available due to a plant acquisition and product obsolescence, this investment casting business took advantage of a changing market to achieve
significant growth in 2022.
S. Wetzel
The Big 6 of Aluminum Heat Treat: Expert Jon Dossett breaks down the major factors to master if you want to succeed in heat treating aluminum castings—but he’ll tell you right out the gate,
it all boils down to temperature.
K. Phelan
Lighter, Hotter, Stiffer ... and Cheaper: How Alloy R&D Is Working to Meet Cas…: Three metallurgic experts discuss how the most urgent property needs are being solved.
Kim Phelan
The Effect of Firing Temperature and Time on Silica-based Investment Shell Stre…: The study found that shell strength is significantly controlled by the degree of sintering, transformation, and particle growth.
S. Holt, J. Qing, and M. Xu
Reconfigurable Robotic Solution for Effective Finishing of Complex Surfaces: In European H2020 Project SYMPLEXITY “Symbiotic Human-Robot Solutions for Complex Surface Finishing Operations,” researchers developed a CNC-machine-based machining concept comprising a composition of different finishing technologies.
F. Pini and F. Leali
EDITORIAL: Magical Metal
S. Wetzel
WASHINGTON ALERT: EPA Budget Increase Request Highlights Policy Priorities
J. Hannapel
COLLEGE CONNECTION: Foundry Is the Career of Choice for Gen X and Gen Z
P. Lechner
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