July 2017

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Editorial: Thinking Local
S. Wetzel
Washington Alert: EPA Extends Deadline for 2015 Ozone Standard
Novel Solutions: Feeling Smart
S. Wetzel
Industry Eyes Changing Tides in Washington: Regulatory reform, tax reform, trade, silica and infrastructure are priority legislative issues for the U.S. metalcasting industry this year.
A Modern Casting Staff Report
Reshoring and Metalcasting: Why It Matters: With reshoring on the upswing, metalcasters can take advantage of its benefits to help their companies succeed.
A Modern Casting Staff Report
Frazier & Frazier Knows Its Way: The Texas metalcasting facility relies on metallurgical controls, technology and training to provide excellent customer service.
S. Wetzel
Validating Process Simulation to Experimentation for Reinforced Sand Molds: Simulation results confirmed the locations of stress concentration and demonstrated accuracy with the actual temperature profiles and cracking locations.
Y. Lu, H. Wang, A. Luo, K. Ripplinger
Cyber Security: Are You Safe?: The manufacturing industry, including metalcasters, is the third most targeted industry for malicious cyber attacks.
E. Aparnieks
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