August 2021

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EDITORIAL: Flexing for Success
S. Wetzel
WASHINGTON ALERT: President Biden Issues Far-Reaching EO on Promoting Competition in America
S. Salmon
COLLEGE CONNECTION: Teachers Teaching Teachers
P. Lechner
AFS RESEARCH: AFS-Funded Research Update
AFS Technical Department
From Board Room to Core Room: CaneKast Executes a Spreading Strategy: With local acquisitions in three U.S. geographies in four years, the growing casting group is attracting customers with a compelling system to reshore parts—thus curing manufacturers’ supply chain woes and empowering them to charge American-made premiums.
K. Phelan
What Is a Green Metal: It’s not just brass! Green metals have low total life cycle carbon emission and their importance could grow as more OEMs make commitments to lower their carbon footprint.
B. Baird
Minimizing the Carbon Footprint of A356 Castings: The contribution of melting, casting, heat treating, machining, and more is very small compared to the carbon footprint of the purchased metal used for making castings, making recycling extremely important.
M. Hartlieb and G. Wittbecker
Chemicals Conundrum: Gallons of Need in Coffee Cup Capacity: Short supplies, long delays and steep prices—the result of multiple global factors—might mess with metalcasting a while longer.
K. Phelan
New ASTM Standard Will Help Manage Heat Stress and Heat Strain in Foundries: The standard provides useful guidance based on best practices shared through a 2018 AFS foundry industry study.
T. Slavin
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