September 2020

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EDITORIAL: Of Recessions and Recoveries
D. Kurkul
COLLEGE CONNECTION: July 2019 Graduate; August 2019 Employee
P. Lechner
WASHINGTON ALERT: Report Highlights Chronic Underinvestment in America's Water Infrastructure
S. Salmon
Long Day's Journey Into Right: A fall-protection system was hinged on a hook that had to be light and super strong––after years of trial and error, what this persistent inventor wanted was a metalcasting “witch doctor.” What he got was metalcasting science at its best.
K. Phelan
Wear and Care: Four wearable technologies take employee health and safety to new heights while super-charging productivity and morale. Not cheap, but the investment could be priceless.
K. Phelan
Looking SHARP: Astech Alloys Steel Technologies transformed its operations and improved its safety and health metrics by achieving esteemed SHARP status through OSHA.
S. Wetzel
Application of Refractory Metals to Facilitate Hot Chamber Aluminum Diecasting: The ability to use the hot chamber process and achieve the superior material properties associated with the diecasting method will expand the automotive applications for structural aluminum castings.
Q. Han, C. Vian, and J. Good
Brinell Hardness Testing Methods and Their Applicability: A common specification, hardness can be valued through a variety of tests, and researchers sought to understand how those values could be compared and correlated.
D. Hess and H. Doty
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