September 2017

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Editorial: Tracking Growth in Foundry Plants and Houseplants
S. Wetzel
Washington Alert: EPA Reverses Decision to Delay 2015 Ozone Standard
Novel Solutions: Everybody Writes
R. Jefferson
From AFS: Technologies and Benchmarking
Z. Connor
Batesville Products Inc. Measures Up: The aluminum permanent mold casting business relies on measurement and analysis to propel its continuous improvement projects.
S. Wetzel
GM's Virtual Casting System: Integrated computational materials engineering tools can be used to optimize aluminum castings for desired performance and could be applicable to other metal processes.
Q. Wang, P. Jones, Y. Wang, D. Gerard
Critical Characteristics Affecting the Surface Finish of Castings: Surface finish is an integral part of casting quality specifications, and a recent study sought to achieve investment casting-level surface finish in sand cast components.
N. Bryant and J. Thiel
I Have Inclusions: Identifying the Source: This is the second of a two-part series providing a guideline to better understand the interrelated aspects between oxides, inclusions, dross, fluxes and molten metal quality.
R. Gallo
Casting Sports History: Castings pay tribute to some of history's greatest athletes via statues, plaques or busts that allow fans to cheer for players long after their playing days are complete.
A Modern Casting Staff Report
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