March 2015

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Editorial: Developing Passion
A.T. Spada
Washington Alert: Final Ozone Rule to Implement 2008 Standards
Shaping Strategy: Do You Measure These Risk-Averting Numbers?
Green Sand Control Best Practices: Regular sand tests performed at Grede-St. Cloud helped identify variations and reduce their causes to achieve better operation.
A. Jacobson
Complex Challenge, Rapid Response: Thanks to streamlined simulation, tooling, casting and machining capabilities, an intricate water passage went from purchase order to prototype in just 17 days.
N. Leider
Testing 123: Advancing Aluminum: Researchers aim to develop a new alloy to maximize performance of cylinder heads in diesel engines.
A Modern Casting Staff Report
AFS Metalcasting Congress: Bringing the Supply Chain Together
A Modern Casting Staff Report
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