June 2023

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Metalcaster of the Year: Benton Foundry’s Coremaking Expansion: Recently, Benton Foundry has completed one of the largest expansions in its history.
S. Wetzel
The Heat Is On: Reducing your carbon footprint. It can be a worrisome thought for members of the metalcasting community.
K. Phelan
Evaluation of Two New Cast Aluminum Alloys for High Performance Cylinder Heads: Cast aluminum alloys have been increasingly used in internal combustion engine cylinder head applications because of their light weight and high thermal conductivity.
Multiple Authors
3D Printed Smart Mold for Sand Casting: Monitoring Binder Curing: Additive manufacturing is now being used to generate sand molds and cores with complex and customized geometries with binder jetting.
Multiple Authors
EDITORIAL: Goal-Focused Planning
S. Wetzel
WASHINGTON ALERT: U.S. Proposes New Greenhouse Gas Standards for Power Plants
J. Hannapel
SMART ENERGY: Energy Market Update
M. Madden
COLLEGE CONNECTION: Students Benefit at Metalcasting Congress
P. Lechner
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