February 2013

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Casting Conversion Offers Hybrid Opportunity: A hybrid sports sedan relies on a high pressure diecast transmission housing.
J. Knuerr
Acuity Brands' Light Idea: A rapid tooling method is to thank for Acuity's antique-looking lights that may line your neighborhood streets.
S. Wetzel
7 Ways to Avoid Shrinkage Defects: The answer to improving your casting quality could be in the part's metallurgy, tooling or molding practices.
D. White
Cultivating Knowledgeable Customers: Benton Foundry has opened a "Discovery Center" for casting buyers and students.
D. Kapel
Testing 1-2-3: Cutting Energy Costs in Steel Casting Facilities: Researchers at Missouri S&T analyze methods for improving melting efficiency.
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