December 2023

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Charlotte Pipe Ushers in New Era: The Greenfield foundry reflects the latest technical advancements available to the metalcasting industry today.
Modern Casting Staff
The Casting that Turned Boating Upside Down: A revolutionary concept in marine engine design called for a special front housing casting that took equal parts of designer and foundry inequity and collaboration to pull off.
K. Phelan
Chromite Sand as a Replacement for Zircon and Zircon/Silica Sand in Shell Appliā€¦: This article reviews the impact that screen distribution, mineral characteristics, resin
level requirements, and other parameters have on the design concept to produce a
high-quality metal casting using the shell process.
K. Kerns, R. Steele, P. Lafay, and V. Lafay
Industry Year in Review: Modern Casting shares some of the top metalcasting industry news, events,
and announcements of the year as reported in the magazine.
Modern Casting Staff
EDITORIAL: Marking Progress
S. Wetzel
WASHINGTON ALERT: Aggressive Regulatory Agenda Poses Significant Challenges for Metalcasting Operations
J. Hannapel
COLLEGE CONNECTION: Internships Provide Value to Students and Foundries
P. Lechner
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