September 2022

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EDITORIAL: AFS and FEF: A Close Partnership
D. Kurkul
WASHINGTON ALERT: The Inflation Reduction Act and Its Impact on the Metalcasting Industry
S. Salmon
HOYT COLUMN: Lesson #5: The Power of Focus
J. Bye
COLLEGE CONNECTION: Industry Outreach in Teacher Camps
P. Lechner
Need Workers? Old Rules Need Not Apply: You can’t argue the math—not enough people are seeking jobs to fill metalcasting’s vast vacancies. But some foundries are willing to think outside the box and trade ineffective hiring approaches for new ways of finding and hiring workers.
K. Phelan
Robotic Grinding in a Steel Job Shop: Eagle Alloy designed and built its own robotic grinding cell to fit its job-shop steel foundry, leading to four total robotic cells and improved manhours per net ton.
N. Tarzwell
New Ductile Cast Iron Digital Grades for Automotive Components: Research demonstrates that new cast iron materials can be developed—aided by an expert digital twin (manufacturing twin) and model predictive controls developed based on artificial intelligence tools.
A.I. Fernández-Calvo, J. Garay, D. Johnson, C. Monteiro, A. González-Zabala, and R. Suárez
Implementing SMARTT Degassing Into a V-Process Aluminum Job Shop Foundry Maki…: Incorporating a metal treatment station guided by Self-Monitoring, Adaptive, Re-calculating Treatment Technology led to one metalcasting facility’s improved productivity and lower metallurgical scrap.
E. Baker, B. Began, and J. Johnson
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