September 2018

September 2018
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Editorial : Lessons From 9-Year-Old Entrepreneurs
S. Wetzel
Washington Alert : Senate Passes Funding Bill Impacting Infrastructure Projects
Marketing Mind: Seneca Shows Way for Manufacturing Day
R. Jefferson
Smart Energy: Utilization Is Everything
C. Belt
College Connection: From Student to Employee Through College Industry Conference
Industry Faces: Haselhuhn showing value of STEM education
General Foundry Service Sells Value: The California-based aluminum metalcaster offers many manufacturing options to customers, helping them cut out many supply chain hurdles.
S. Wetzel
Permanent Mold Cuts Machining Costs for Mining Part: Growing volumes and new customer requirements meant a casting pivot for Peak Mechanical.
S. Wetzel
How Firing Time and Temperature Affect Investment Shells: Ultimately, the firing temperature and time at temperature clearly have a significant impact on the shell’s thermo-physical properties.
M. Xu, J. Govro, M. Wooley, S. Vogel, W. Pugh
Casting Quality Tip: Specifying In-Process Weld Rework: In-process weld rework during finishing of as-cast surfaces on many kinds of castings is widely misunderstood by casting materials engineers, manufacturing engineers and inspectors.
M. Gwyn, K. Sturgill, D. Weiss
Gating and Risering: Basic Ways To Improve Casting Yield and Quality: A well-designed gating and risering system is crucial to improving productivity, quality and profitability of a metalcasting facility.
AFS Institute
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