October 2022

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EDITORIAL: Positive Signs
Shannon Wetzel
WASHINGTON ALERT: EPA Proposed Rule to Designate for PFOS and PFOA as Hazardous Substance Under CERCLA
Jeff Hannapel
HOYT COLUMN: Lesson #6 - Choose Your Battles
Jean Bye
COLLEGE CONNECTION: Find Your Next Leader at CIC
Pam Lechner
Farrar Sets Up For Growth : Farrar Corp.’s $3.7 million investment in new shakeout and molding equipment, along with upgrades in melting and machining, show it’s committed to future success.
Shannon Wetzel
Ticket To A Leak-Proof Casting: A fuel cell manufacturer had to act fast to convert an aluminum enclosure to a casting that would meet an international dust- and water-proofing standard. Luckily, they discovered a foundry where speed and high-quality prototyping are standard fare.
Kim Phelan
AFS Emissions Benchmarking Database: An Evolving Repository of Information: The AFS Air Quality Control Committee has released data compiled over two decades to develop accurate emission factors in foundries.
Craig Schmeisser
Companies Ramp Up U.S. Investment and Reshoring Amid Continued Global Supply Ch…: The latest manufacturing industry investments and business strategies point to a sustaining trend toward bolstering the North American supply chain.
Harry Moser
Reducing the Impact of Hydraulic Oil Contamination on Bentonite-Based Molding S…: A group of foundries and a supplier collaborated to study oil contamination on sand properties and how foundries could improve casting quality based on those results.
Several contributors
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