November 2023

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Building Partnership Into Every Part: Choosing the right foundry for a specific casting’s requirements is just the beginning. At Oshkosh, embracing the foundry’s expertise early in the design phase is a top priority.
Kim Phelan
Supply Chain Strategies for the 2020s: Just-in-time manufacturing is on ‘life-support’ according to expert Dennis Unkovic.
Modern Casting Staff
Emission Control System Design: Understanding the Basics: From identifying the source of emissions to designing the fan, putting together an efficient, effective emission control system requires several engineering steps.
Brian Backowski
Editorial Index: We’ve compiled the past year’s columns and feature articles from Modern Casting and Casting Source.
Modern Casting Staff
2024 Buyers' Guide: • Product Category Index (p. 66)
• Product Index (p. 68)
• Manufacturers’ Index (p. 135)
EDITORIAL: Readers Speak, Modern Casting Responds
Doug Kurkul
WASHINGTON ALERT: OSHA’s New National Emphasis Program Directed at Warehousing
Stephanie Salmon
AFS IN ACTION: AFS Salutes Foundry EHS Excellence With Industry Awards
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